Start loving yourself and nourishing your body with real whole food

Start loving yourself and nourishing your body with real whole food

There was a time where I lived off of 100-calorie snack packs and Diet Coke.

Where I would run and up and down the stairs to ensure every calorie from dinner was burnt off.

Where I didn’t put a bathing suit on for an entire Summer in fear of showing my curves to the world.

Where a stranger might’ve loved me even more than I loved myself.

But then the times changed …

I began eating real, whole, unprocessed foods and took “aspartame” out of my vocabulary altogether.

I started to look at the ingredient list instead of the amount of calories in a certain food.

I started exercising for how strong and alive it made me feel, not to punish myself for what I ate.

I began to feel more energetic and found a new infinite love for myself.


I’m not telling you this to be a Debbie-downer (side note: sorry to all of the Debbie’s out there that got marginalized with that saying), but to show you how incredibly possible it is to overcome your hardships, through the power of self-love and wholesome nourishing foods.

That’s what I’m all about here and if that sounds like something that aligns with you, you are in the greatest (slightly callused) perfectly imperfect hands.

It’s hard at times, to believe that our greatest achievements are sometimes born out of strife or struggles. But it’s so incredibly beautiful when you can look back at how you got to where you are, make sense of everything that has come your way and find peace with it, for you’re better having endured it all.

For me, it was an eating disorder, followed by 10+ years of disordered and emotional eating. What is it for you? Is it still holding you back or is it propelling you forward? What if you could start propelling forward this very second?!

I’ve got news for you, my friend – you certainly can! There’s nothing standing in the way of where you to be, but yourself. Are you truly ready for change? Are you ready to discover how amazing your body was meant to feel?

As a holistic nutritionist, positive pants and a beating heart that genuinely wants to see you thrive, I’m here for you every step of the way – whether it’s in the form of nourishing whole foods-based recipes, 1:1 nutritional coaching, the odd motivational “shpiel” or corny joke over on Instagram, or heck, even the odd cheer-you-up cat photo. I’m your girl.

Whatever journey you may be on, know that it’s not your destiny, but a milestone to take you where you’re meant to be (and I’m so, so excited to be on it with you!)

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