I Forgot My Make-Up Bag And It Was The Best Day Ever

I Forgot My Make-Up Bag And It Was The Best Day Ever

I’ll start out by saying that I’m generally a very organized, futuristic-thinker and planner. This usually came in handy when I was working downtown during my advertising days and going to the Crossfit gym next to my work, along with dividing my nights between my place (Ok – my mom’s) and my boyfriend’s. I’m sure you can visualize the bomb of a duffel bag I lugged around in order to be prepared for any situation or event that came my way.

But much like all of us humans, I’m not perfect, and sometimes imperfect people forget things – like their make-up bag. It hasn’t happened often, but when it does, watch out; the panic ensues, the fear creeps up, the “how-will-I-ever-get-through-this-day” thought dances around in your mind. Now before you start thinking I’m the prissiest diva of the century, I’m sure I can vouch for the majority of make-up-wearing women and say most would’ve reacted in a similar way. Ever heard a girl say “I just need to go put on my face”? Is she not then inferring that her face is not a face until it’s been sparkled and jazzed up with make-up? Dissecting the little things here, but food for thought.

Out of the three times this has happened to me, I’ve found myself face-to-face with a number of questions:

– What’s the worst that could happen if I didn’t wear make-up today?

– Will people look at me differently if they don’t recognize my make-up-less face at first glance? 

– Why are we so attached to our “mask” anyway? 

It often takes some time to work through these thoughts initially, until the mind starts swaying to all of the positive things that are about to come from this happy accident including:

– Saving a solid 10 minutes in the morning from not having to apply make-up (or do your hair if you forgot your hairbrush too – it’s happened).

– Being able to rub your eyes at any point of the day without the fear of your mascara or eyeliner smudging.

– Dancing in the rain because there ain’t no mascara falling from these eyes!

– Giving your pores a break and allowing them to breathe.

So maybe I got told I looked more tired than I usually do, or that I looked different. But goddamn, I felt free. The next time I forgot my make-up bag, I didn’t even care! This happy accident turned into a great life lesson that I don’t need to hide behind a “mask” to be who I am. In fact, by revealing my flaws, my uneven complexion and a few freckles, I got to show the world (aka my office pals) who I really am. Nowadays I sport the au naturel face on the daily – saving myself time, money (because my make-up lasts longer) and though I’ve gone 100% toxic-free with my make-up and skin care routine, I’ve reduced my potential exposure to toxins drastically.

So let’s just be real, let’s be honest with ourselves and show our true selves to the world. Wear make-up because you want to, not because you feel like you need to. Dress up because it makes you feel good, not to impress others. And ride out happy accidents even when they feel wrong – you never know the beautiful lesson waiting for you at the end of it.

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