The Body Positivity Holiday Gift Guide

The Body Positivity Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re reading this and your holiday shopping is already finito, big ups to you, my friend! I always have such good intentions of finishing my Christmas shopping in November and then December 20th rolls around and I start the rat race!

But if you tend to be one of the late louis shoppers like me or you’ve been asked by a loved one what they can get you for Christmas, even though you’re way too old to be making Christmas lists (yes, I’m raising my hand over here, thanks to you mama bear!) you might just enjoy what I’ve put together today.

I’ve put together The Body Positivity Holiday Gift Guide!

I will say that it’s so great to have so many awesome outlets like Etsy or to get unique healthified gifts for that special person in your life. But I wanted to take it one step further and curate a holiday gift guide to support local businesses that I believe in with all my heart, that focus on making you feel damn good in your skin If you keep on reading, you’ll also get to scoop up some goodies from a few of the businesses who have so kindly offered an exclusive discount to my community members – woohooo!

The Body Positivity Holiday Gift Guide

1.Knix Wear

I knew it was true love when Knix Wear came out with their most bad ass #EveryWomanIsAnAngel campaign recently (if you haven’t seen it yet, you MUST watch it). But aside from their brilliance, I love what they stand for – creating underwear (and other undergarments) that allows women to embrace the blood, sweat and tears that accompany a life well-lived. Not to mention, that every woman, despite her shape and size, can feel amazing in! I especially adore how much time and care they’ve put into designing their bras (so much so, that they self-proclaim it as “the bra you’ll never want to take off”). As a woman that resides with the more “busty” side, it’s so refreshing to come across a brand that emphasizes body diversity without isolating a large part of the population and leaving them to the custom stores that essentially make it feel like you’re wearing a cardboard bra (no, thank you!)

Body Positivity Discount: Use “RACHELMOLENDA” at check out to enjoy 20% OFF all Knix Wear products!

2. Joyous Health’s ‘Smooth Like Butta’ Body Butter

If you haven’t yet experienced the magic that is Joyous Health’s ‘Smooth Like Butta’ Body Butter, prepare to fall madly in love! The first time you slather on this nourishing non-toxic blend of organic coconut oil, shea butter, cacao butter and mango butter, you will instantly feel how nourishing this is from the inside out. It doesn’t just sit on top of your skin, but absorbs into it to leave your skin feeling silky smooth. It’s that extra step after you get out of the shower but one of the most loving acts of self-care you can give yourself (especially in the winter!)

Body Positivity Discount: Use “RACHJOY10” at check out to enjoy 10% OFF of your ‘Smooth Like Butta’ Body Butter

3.Army of Sass Dance Classes

If you want to feel like a total bad ass and AMAZING in your skin, you need to take an Army of Sass dance class for a whirl. Army of Sass is a training and performance program for people of all dancing levels to help build inner confidence and gain physical strength – the ultimate combination to achieving bad assery! Classes are held all across Ontario and even in Vancouver too. You can catch a glimpse of the empowering experience you’ll endure over on their Instagram!

4. 24 Carrot Co Tote Bags & Apparel

If you haven’t yet come across the ever-so-witty company, 24 Carrot Co, you’re in for a real treat! Patti, Founder of 24 Carrot Co, and I connected a few months ago via Instagram by celebrating our love for #RealAssFood together. Patti is one of the wittiest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and you’ll quickly discover that when you begin to browse her adorable apparel and tote bags (I have the Everyday I’m Brusselin’ bag). To me, body love applies both to how we feel in our skin and how we nourish our bodies – with love. Not with restriction, deprivation and calorie counting. 24 Carrot Co really helps to drive home that message about the importance of reconnecting with the beauty of food and celebrating it for it’s nutritious deliciousness it provides!

Body Positivity Discount: Use code “GREENXMAS” to enjoy 15% OFF all 24 Carrot Co tote bags until December 31, 2017.

5. Be With Cards For Self-Care

These Cards For Self-Care were created by the amazing Barbara Erochina of Be With who helps smart driven women stop feeling anxious and insecure and I was so grateful to receive a pack of them . The deck of Cards For Self-Care includes 36 cards divided into 6 categories: write, speak, ask, rest, move and affirm. Each category suggests simple prompts that either remind you to be with yourself in the moment, to slow down or to give yourself some TLC. They can be used daily, weekly or whenever you feel you need them to help you bring more ease and joy into your life and to thrive in your body.

Body Positivity Discount: Use code “BEWITHCHEER” to enjoy 10% off of your deck of Cards For Self-Care until December 21, 2017.

What other body positive feel-good gift ideas would you add to this list?

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