Rachel MolendaHi! I’m Rachel a 5’11” walk of life and Holistic Nutritionist (CNP) from Toronto, Canada with a burning love for all things nutritious, delicious and endorphin-inducing! I’ve been a health nut for as long as I can remember (who else indulged in hummus and carrots at the meek age of 12?) But despite my “rabbit-like” eating habits, I was a serial snacker and often turned to food to ease overwhelming emotions or stress.

Before these habits had found their place in my life, I was wrestling with anorexia followed by 10 years of disordered eating. Though the severity of it was short-lived, the eating disorder mentality never really left. At one point I thought an eating disorder was something that you could overcome physically, but would never leave you mentally. It was up until my third year of university that I had held onto the “mental effects.”

I don’t recall when it clicked; perhaps a result of over-exhaustion from the vicious cycle I was living or tired of fuelling myself off of aspartame-containing, zero-calorie, processed foods. But one day, it finally happened.

I was ready to let go of my past and not associate myself with my disordered eating anymore.

I no longer put restrictions on food, but I do make whole foods a priority in my life. I steer clear of viewing food as a complicated math equation (it was never my specialty anyway) and instead, appreciate food for the energizing fuel and nourishment it provides.

Why I Became a Holistic Nutritionist

After recovering from my eating disorder and disordered eating, I knew that it was my mission to help inspire others to move towards a healthier balanced way of living so they wouldn’t have to endure the struggles that I did. I wanted to inspire people to love themselves and discover how amazing they can feel when they give their body the nourishment it needs to thrive!

As much as I loved the idea of having a career in the health industry, the idea of security and people-pleasing always won. After graduating from Concordia University with a B.A in Communications (oh, and you know, a minor in theatre and marketing to boot – cause why not?), I entered the corporate world where I endured a short-lived career in advertising shortly after. Sure, having happy hours in the office were fun, but the anxiety attacks weren’t. Just short of a year later, I decided it was time to give my passion for health and nutrition the love it deserved. I enrolled at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Fall of 2015, graduated in 2016 and never looked back.

How I Can Help You

Many emotional eating experts would say that healing our emotional eating patterns have nothing to do with food. While I agree to an extent, the reality is that it was a combination of deeply working through my emotions and simply eating whole real-ass foods that saved me from the vicious cycle I was stuck in.

I’ve taken the tactics from my experience overcoming my struggles with emotional eating, disordered eating, and poor self-image and have combined that with my knowledge of holistic nutrition to bring you a solution that will get you on a positive path to healing your relationship with food (and ultimately, yourself), ending your emotional eating and starting to genuinely love yourself through and through!

When we are able to do this, sustaining a healthy way of living no longer becomes a daunting task or a cycle of “I’ll start fresh on Monday” but an enjoyable way of living so you never have to diet again. 

Working With Me

My holistic approach involves looking at all aspects that affect a person’s overall health including a person’s physical, emotional and mental health, while respecting each person’s bioindividuality so as not to apply a one-size-fits-all solution to each person.

By working with me, you can expect to:
– Get to the root of what is causing your emotional eating
– Learn to detect your hunger signals
– Break up with the scale (for good!)
– Learn to view food from a qualitative (nutritional/pleasurable) perspective versus a quantitative (caloric) standpoint
– Discover how your current eating patterns are keeping you stuck in a vicious cycle
– Remove the guilt you currently associate with food
– Feel in control of food and stop feeling like food controls you
– Learn to listen to your body and eat intuitively
– Gain knowledge  on how our hormones play into our eating habits and patterns
– Discover how to make friends with food with loads of nourishing and delicious recipes
– Finally, start loving yourself (for REAL!)
– Walk away with the tools to start feeling more empowered, confident and in love with your life

Most of all, we’ll make sure not to go about things too seriously and have the most fun in this healthy healing journey as possible!

I am currently accepting clients online via Skype or phone who are seeking help with their emotional or disordered eating to start living a healthy, fulfilling, enriching and balanced life! I also facilitate health and nutrition workshops/corporate talks and provide copywriting and social media management/strategy services for a number of health-based businesses.

Want to know more or work with me? Connect with me on FacebookInstagram or Twitter or sign up for my newsletter and let’s start feeling our absolute best together!


Bio for Media Use

Rachel Molenda is a Toronto-based Holistic Nutritionist (CNP) who specializes in helping women heal from emotional and disordered eating, ultimately helping them to establish a healthier and happier relationship with food and themselves. With each client she works with, Rachel brings her non-restrictive, anti-diet, whole foods-based approach to help people adopt healthy sustainable food and lifestyle practices so they can start living their lives freely and authentically loving themselves. Rachel works one-on-one with clients online where she educates clients on how to get to the root of what’s causing their emotional or disordered eating with the intention of healing their relationship with food, their body and themselves.