Hey, I’m Rachel!

I’m a 5’11” walk of life, Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CNP) and Disordered & Emotional Eating Coach from Toronto, Canada with a burning love for all things nutritious, delicious and endorphin-inducing! I’ve been a health nut for as long as I can remember, excitedly indulging in hummus and carrots from the meek age of 12. But despite my “rabbit-like” eating habits, I had an unhealthy relationship with food and often turned to it to ease overwhelming emotions or stress.

Before these habits had found their place in my life, I was wrestling with anorexia followed by 10 years of disordered eating. Though the severity of it was short-lived, the eating disorder mentality never really left. At one point I thought an eating disorder was something that you could overcome physically, but would never leave you mentally. It was up until my third year of university that I had held onto the “mental effects.”

I don’t recall when things changed; perhaps a result of over-exhaustion from the vicious cycle I was living and being sick & tired (literally) of fuelling myself off of aspartame-containing, zero-calorie, processed foods. But one day, it finally happened.

I freed myself from my broken relationship with food and my body and finally started to fall in love with them again.

I no longer put restrictions on food, but I do make whole foods (or should I say, #RealAssFood) a priority in my life. I steer clear of viewing food as a complicated math equation (it was never my specialty anyway) and instead, appreciate food for the energizing fuel and nourishment it provides.

My Philosophy

I’ll be the first to admit that being both a Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CNP) and a Disordered & Emotional Eating Coach is a bit of an oxymoron. Nutrition, while I wholeheartedly believe in its healing potential, comes with many rules that can be restrictive and detrimental to someone who is trying to heal from their disordered or emotional eating. Whereas, healing from emotional eating is grounded in removing the morality and rules we assign to foods as “good” or “bad by developing a more freeing, empowered and intuitive approach to eating (and yes, that means giving yourself permission to enjoy food like wine and chocolate!)

But it was my own personal healing journey, as well as my experience working with clients, that has shown me the power in marrying the two specialties to curate a holistic healing approach that nourishes both the mind and the body. For this reason, I continue to integrate nutrition recommendations practice and am an advocate of #RealAssFood, but not until we’ve gotten to the root of what’s causing your disordered or emotional eating.

In working with me, you won’t be expected to make a whole string of changes all at once. But rather, will be supported to approach it in baby steps (the most effective and long-lasting kind of change you can make!) Most importantly, I like to maintain an empathetic, uplifting, relatable approach that you feel comfortable to confide in.

How I Can Help You 

My holistic approach involves looking at all aspects that affect a person’s overall health including a person’s physical, emotional and mental health while respecting each person’s bio-individuality so as not to apply a one-size-fits-all solution to each person.

By working with me, you can expect to: 

  • Get to the root of what is causing your emotional eating
  • Learn to detect your hunger signals
  • Break up with the scale and diets (for good!)
  • Learn to enjoy food from a qualitative VS quantitative perspective
  • Discover how your current eating patterns are keeping you stuck in a vicious cycle
  • Remove the guilt you currently associate with food
  • Stop feeling obsessed or controlled by food
  • Learn to listen to your body and eat intuitively
  • Gain knowledge of how our hormones play into our eating habits and patterns
  • Discover how to make friends with food
  • Enjoy nourishing & delicious #RealAssFood-based recipes
  • Walk away with the tools to start feeling more empowered and confident in your skin
  • Finally, start loving yourself

I am currently accepting clients online via Skype or phone who are seeking help to heal from their emotional or disordered eating. Not sure if it’s the right fit? Book a FREE 15-minute Discovery Call to learn more about how I can help you meet your unique needs.

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Bio for Media Use

Rachel Molenda is a Toronto-based Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CNP) and Disordered & Emotional Eating Coach who helps women heal their relationship to food and their body, ultimately assisting them in unlocking their true potential and finding freedom in their life. With each client she works with, Rachel brings her non-restrictive, anti-diet, whole foods (or #RealAssFood) approach to help people adopt healthy sustainable food and lifestyle practices so they can start living a fulfilling life free of restrictive rules. Rachel works one-on-one with individuals online, as well as in workshop settings in-person, where she teaches people how to get to the root of what’s causing their emotional or disordered eating with the intention of healing their relationship with food, their body and themselves.